Peaceful HS2 protest planned in Milton Keynes tomorrow parading a white elephant

The elephant is called, 'Scrap the HS2 White Elephant'.

By James Lowson
Friday, 17th September 2021, 11:51 am
Updated Friday, 17th September 2021, 12:13 pm

A peaceful anti-HS2 protest has been planned to pass through the centre of Milton Keynes tomorrow (18 September).

The anti-HS2 campaigners will be joined by a seven foot tall white elephant through Milton Keynes.

Protesters will also be carrying flags and wearing anti-HS2 t-shirts around Milton Keynes.


Demonstrators say that the elephant, nick-named, ' Scrap the HS2 White Elephant', will join them to highlight to the general public how the construction of HS2 is a mammoth waste of taxpayers money.

The HS2 rail link was debated in Parliament on Monday (13 September), with the rail link facing strong opposition from Bucks-based Mps.

The Westminster Hall debate was triggered by a petition signed by over 155,000 people. Television naturalist, Chris Packham, was among the first people to sign up.

During the debate HS2 minister Andrew Stephenson defended the project saying it has been 'carefully considered' and has faced more 'parliamentary scrutiny' than any other scheme.

Further complaints from the Milton Keynes protest group address concerns over the rail link isolating the town and adding commute times around MK.

An event spokesperson said: "HS2 had planned to stop off in MK on their "route-wide roadshow" but once again have reneged in their commitment to community engagement in the light of increasing opposition from members of the public and the House of Lords and the Commons.

"Who debated HS2 over the past week raising serious concerns over the viability of HS2, the impact it is having on communities, the environment and carbon emissions, the escalating budget, cost effectiveness and the integrity and capability of HS2 Ltd."

Milton Keynes North MP Ben Everitt has spoken out against HS2, he penned an article titled, 'End HS2 - the Countryside Vandal'.

However, Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart said he was in favour of the rail link in Parliament back in January 2020.

Local campaigner Michelle, said: "In a post pandemic world isn't it more apparent to spend money on health care than a destructive infrastructure project that people in Milton Keynes cannot even use, will negatively affect their commute but will cost each individual taxpayer £7,700. Even my 12-year-old son understands that high speed broadband is the future not a train he can't even get on."