Thugs and litter louts repeatedly destroy Milton Keynes nature reserve and beauty spot

Volunteers dedicated to keeping one of MK's biggest beauty spots clean and tidy have put out a plea for help.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 3:20 pm

The 'Keeping the Blue Lagoon Beautiful' Facebook group was formed to organise regular litter picks at the Bletchley facility.

"We are fortunate to have the beautiful Blue Lagoon on our doorstep for us to visit. Unfortunately some people leave rubbish behind that not only makes the area unpleasant but also threatens the wildlife. This group has been set up to arrange regular litter picks so that many others can enjoy it," said a spokesman.

But recently the group, which has 206 members, has been fighting a losing battle.

Litter left at the water edge

"The Blue Lagoon is affected by littering, fly tipping and general anti social behaviour, which we as a group try to keep on top of and make the area as clean as possible," said member Terry Stephens.

However, things have taken a step for the worse over the past week where fire crews have attended following arson. We are noticing trees and shrubs are now being targeted.

" And sadly after the nice weather over the weekend someone has decided 'archaeology' is the way forward by vandalising and throwing all of the debris in the Lagoon."

Photos show gaping holes where rocks and earth have been dug out of the landscape and hurled into the water.

Another pile of litter and drinks containers

"This is not acceptable and call on residents to report anything they see or hear," said Terry,

He is urging people to join the Facebook group and help out.

"It's a never ending battle to keep this amazing, unique and beautiful area on our doorstep with the respect it deserves for the whole community to enjoy," he said.

Firefighters have been called out to the Blue Lagoon on at least four occasions during the Covid pandemic. At least three of the fires were started deliberately, they say, and all caused damage to wildlife and their habitats as well as trees and shrubs.

People are digging up rocks and throwing them in the water
The rocks and earth have been thrown in the lagoon