Equality Council to hold emergency meeting: ‘People are going into fear mode after Paris attacks’


Milton Keynes Equality Council will hold an emergency meeting to “reassure and protect” communities in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris.

The move comes after a Muslim woman was spat at on the street and met with shouts of abuse from a couple in Bletchley.

Anouar Kassim, director of Milton Keynes Islamic Arts, Heritage and Culture (MKIAC), said: “People are reacting how they did after 9/11 – they are going into fear mode.

“The white couple called out that it was her community that was causing all the problems before they spat at her.

“She was too frightened that something much worse would happen if she reported it to the police, so she just kept on walking.

“It shows that sometimes all of us can be tarred with the same brush.”

Islamist gunmen murdered 12 journalists at French newspaper Charlie Hebdo for publishing drawings depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Milton Keynes Equality Council told the Citizen it is working to offer support.

Navrita Atwal, chief executive, said: “It is a real shame innocent people trying to bring about peace are suffering hate crime as a result of what has happened in Paris.

“It is important that communities understand Muslims worldwide have condemned the killings in Paris and feel equally bereaved.”

On Monday MKIAC unveiled a unity mural at MK College’s Silbury Campus. It wad than 70 people attended including the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, MK Mayor and Bishop of Buckingham.

Mr Kassim added: “Many Muslim and non-Muslim artists came together and I am grateful for their support.

“More integration is needed in MK and I have spoken to the leader of the council.”