Estate hit by flood during heatwave

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It was water, water everywhere for residents in Walnut Tree who suffered severe flooding – while the rest of MiltonKeynes basked in the current heatwave.

People were surprised to hear what they thought was a rain storm at around 9pm on Friday, and then see gallons of water filling their gardens around the Wadesmill Lane area.

The problem was caused by a burst main, providing the main supply for MK, which was pumping out 300 litres of water a second.

One resident said: “I went to shut my patio doors as it sounded like a downpour of rain only to see my house was surrounded by water.

“Hearing what sounded like a waterfall I went outside to find the field next to my house had turned into a fast flowing river.”

Anglian Water was alerted to the problem after water supply levels in the Woburn area had started to drop.

The water company then traced the leak with firefighters called to divert the water away from the area.

The aftermath saw many gardens flooded with mud and rocks covering roads and pavements.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said that the leaking pipe was seven metres below ground making it difficult for ‘normal’ excavators to reach it.

Larger equipment has now been brought in and residents have been left to negotiate a giant hole in the road while workers fix the problem.

No timescale has been placed on when the work will completed.