Estate told to wait for super-fast net

MK Council Middleton Ward Conservative councillor John Bint
MK Council Middleton Ward Conservative councillor John Bint

BROADBAND is still top of the agenda in Milton Keynes as business leaders from the area attended the Next Generation roadshow last week.

The roadshow included high profile speakers and useful workshops, and boasted event exhibitors from every field within the digital broadband technology spectrum, to advise and inform delegates on how Next Generation broadband can benefit them.

Opening the conference, deputy leader of Milton Keynes Council, councillor David Hopkins said: “Next generation broadband access is the backbone of the envisaged ‘smart’ Milton Keynes.

“ICT can enable economic growth, better provision of public services, and an improved quality of life for all MK citizens.”

One member of the council who is actively fighting the cause is Councillor John Bint.

He is concerned that the new Broughton Gate development in his Middleton ward won’t be getting the same service as neighbouring estates.

At the moment, Broughton and Brooklands are all set up to receive the superfast broadband service from BT Openreach – but the new Broughton Gate estate is yet to be upgraded.

And Mr Bint is concerned that it may not be high on BT’s to-do list.

“The problem at the moment is that everything seems to be taking a lot longer than we had initially expected,” he said.

“BT have put in a lot of effort into making Milton Keynes one of the first places to be fully up-to-speed, but I want assurances that Broughton Gate is upgraded as soon as possible.

“Broadband is essential to encourage people to the area – not just my ward but all over Milton Keynes.

“It’s important for businesses, when working from home and making conference calls, downloading big emails, keeping in touch with people – it is so much more than the older connections can handle.

“Broughton Gate is a new estate which should have the most up-to-date technologies available to it.

“The way things are going at the moment, we aren’t sure whether it will be available to residents there within the next 18 months.”

BT are currently in the process of upgrading cabinets in Milton Keynes to increase the availability of superfast broadband to those connected to the New Bradwell exchange.