Ex-councillor Robin Bradburn re-elected

Councillor Robin Bradburn
Councillor Robin Bradburn

An ex-councillor who remained unrepentant for allowing a rapist to drive a city cab has been re-elected.

Liberal Democrat Robin Bradburn is back in Milton Keynes Council after beating former incumbent of the Bradwell seat

Rachel Pallett (LAB) at the polls on Thursday.

Councillor Bradburn sat on two committees that granted Nadeem Ahmed Kiani a taxi licence, despite knowing he had been convicted of raping and assaulting prostitutes in London in 1994.

Last month the Citizen revealed a leaked email showed local Lib Dems were confident that taxi-gate had not ruined their election chances. Despite losing one of their councillors embroiled in the scandal, the party ended the election with the same number of council seats.

But Ms Pallett said she stood by her choice not to use the scandal for political gain on her campaign leaflets - despite losing out to Mr Bradburn.

She said: “It is disappointing obviously, but I learnt a lot, ran an honest campaign and it has been a really rewarding experience.

“I made a conscious decision not to put anything about the taxi scandal on my leaflets. I wanted to talk about what I have done and what I can do, rather than bad mouth everyone.

“I think the thing is there has been no apology or even recognition about what happened.

“But regardless, I can walk away with my head held high.”

Boasting about Mr Bradburn’s win, daughter Kerrie, a council candidate herself, ignited a Twitter spat with Labour candidates on Saturday - including Ms Pallett, labelling her “obnoxious”.

In a message to Labour Councillor Paul Williams, @KerrieCherie, who lost in Broughton’s election, said: “I think you’ll find today was better for the Bradburns than it was for your Labour Party.

“It is a big shame you were elected again. People emailing Bradwell councillors because you don’t do anything.

“I am glad of my achievement - but you need to buck your ideas up as MY ward councillor.”

Newly re-elected CMK councillor Paul Williams said anyone who wishes to get hold of him can call 01908 386000, email paul.williams@milton-keynes.gov.uk, or visit his advice surgery every 1st Saturday of the month at 9.30am.

He added: “If anyone is unhappy with me, I’d encourage them to get in contact with me or my fellow ward councillors.”

Mr Bradburn has been unavailable for comment. His leader Councillor Douglas McCall said: “Robin is delighted to be back.

“I am delighted to have any Liberal Democrat back on the council.”

The Citizen contacted Kerrie Bradburn who refused to comment.