Excitement for MP over project

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MP Iain Stewart has said the £7.4 million Heritage Lottery funded restoration at Bletchley Park is ‘very exciting indeed.

Mr Stewart, who represents Milton Keynes South, was shown around Huts 3 and 6, where German messages were decrypted and turned into vital intelligence during World War Two.

He said: “It’s really exciting. The plans I’ve heard discussed for some time are now being delivered and there’s something tangible to see.

“Once they’re all in place it’ll be a huge boost to the Milton Keynes tourist economy in general and really put us on the heritage map.”

CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust, Iain Standen, showed the MP where improvements would be taking place before giving him a tour of Hut 11, where Wrens’ stories on their work with the Bombe machines will be told.

Huts 11 and 11a will be restored with funds raised on top of the £2.4 million in match funding and £5 million from the Heritage Lottery fund.

Green space next to the former site of Block F will be turned into a car park and Block C will be changed into a visitor centre with exhibition space.

Mr Stewart said: “I remember having discussions when I first came onto the political scene in Milton Keynes and for a long time it was touch and go whether Bletchley Park would survive at all.

“A number of dedicated people kept the dream alive. A lot of people put a lot of effort into getting us where we are today. To have a realisation of the dream within touching distance is very exciting indeed.”