EXCLUSIVE: ‘I could have been killed’, claims hero who fought off attackers in Stony Stratford

Max Spadini of SpadiniOro on Stony Stratford High Street.
Max Spadini of SpadiniOro on Stony Stratford High Street.

A man said he feared for his life as he fought off attackers who hit him over the head with a hammer during a raid on his jeweller’s shop.

Max Spadini, owner of SpadiniOro Jewellers, was hit twice on the head during the vicious attack on Monday.

He also suffered two blows to his shoulder and right leg, after two men smashed through his shop window in Stony Stratford High Street, stealing a tray of antique jewellery.

The 48-year-old Italian told the Citizen: “I saw the van stop in front of the shop and a man looked at me with crazy eyes.

“I wasn’t expecting them to hit me with a hammer. If the first blow had been less than a quarter of an inch further in, I could have been dead or crippled.”

Mr Spadini described how his first instinct was to protect himself and his shop.

“My thoughts were on my stock and my shop, it is my life. I stopped them doing what they were doing because their concentration wasn’t on the window, it was on me.”

“After the first blow I ran out to face them. My mind wasn’t working, my body was going out there while my brain stayed in the shop.”

Hearing the commotion Mr Spadini’s neighbour came out and pulled him away as the men continued to hit him with hammers. He said: “I then ran straight back into the shop and picked up a sword, which I display as a piece of artwork, and immediately struck a blow, but missed both of them because they were just getting into the van where another man was waiting to drive off.

“It’s not something I would normally do. I don’t keep the sword here for that reason – my surname means sword and it’s part of my logo – but I had to defend myself.

“I believe that with me running out I spoilt their plans because they wouldn’t expect a reaction like that. But I’ve put everything I have into this shop, it’s my baby, nobody is going to touch it but me.”

Mr Spadini was taken to MK Hospital but discharged the same day.

A 33-year-old man from Bletchley was arrested in connection with the incident, but later released without charge.

Investigating officer Det Sgt Christopher Jackson, from Milton Keynes Force CID, said: “I am appealing to anyone who has any information about the incident which may help the investigation to contact police.

“The incident happened on the High Street during a busy time of the day.

“We have already had a good response from witnesses but I would urge anyone who saw what happened to speak to an officer.

“A white van, which was stolen from Soulbury, was recovered following the incident in Bletchley. I would appeal to anyone who has any information about the whereabouts of a van matching this description since 14 April.”

Call Thames Valley Police on the 101 number.