Exclusive video - Former Milton Keynes Mayor: ‘I have been made a scapegoat’

Former Mayor of Milton Keynes Subhan Shafiq has spoken to the Milton Keynes Citizen, following his shock resignation.

Mr Subhan, who remains a councillor, stepped down from the role after it emerged that he personally vouched for the taxi licence application of a convicted rapist.

Mayor of Milton Keynes Subhan Shafiq

Mayor of Milton Keynes Subhan Shafiq

But Mr Subhan says that he was not aware of the man’s previous convictions until he heard them at the hearing regarding the licence - and that the revelation left him “shocked”.

He also described the mechanics for deciding on licenses at the council as being “rotten”.

Mr Subhan said: “I’m sorry to the public for the situation we are in today. But the council and the legal officers had the information which could have seen them reject this case a long time ago.”

The full interview will appear online shortly.