Expose those who commit heinous crimes

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POLICE have exposed the names of 157 paedophiles to worried parents in the last year – and so they should.

If you had a sex offender living next door to you or in your street wouldn’t you want to know about it?

I certainly would and would have no hesitation in shouting about it and informing the neighbourhood.

Under Sarah’s Law – introduced following the murder of eight-year-old schoolgirl Sarah Payne – parents and carers have the right to know if an individual who has access to their children is a convicted sex offender.

I don’t consider this invasive or unfair. It’s absolutely right parents should be allowed to know who is looking after their children and the rule applies, if you have nothing to hide then what is the problem?

Many people who work closely with children are subject to Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks and understand that is a legal requirement before they undertake certain jobs.

This is now mandatory and quite right.

In a perfect world all convicted paedophiles and sex offenders should be exposed alerting the public to their presence particularly when moving to a new area or applying for a job.

Harsh? Surely not when considering some of crimes that have been committed.

However, a Supreme Court ruling last week found that it was a breach of Human Rights to impose someone to a lifetime of scrutiny on the Sex Offenders List with no appeal.

I’m sorry but have offenders not given up their human rights by committing such a crime in the first place?

The moment an individual is convicted of any such crime then surely he should expect to give up any human rights he had.

Offenders are also expected to inform police of any foreign travel plans and give passport and bank details over. If it were up to me they would also be tagged so that their movements could be tracked 24 hours a day.

Human rights are there to protect people who act in a humane way. If you act like a beast you should be treated like one and I defy anyone who doesn’t agree.

I have written before about the suggestion of bringing back capital punishment in cases of child murder and paedophiles and expressed the fact that it should be a life for a life.

Many will not agree but there seems to be no deterrent and something needs to be done.At the very least they should be named shamed and jailed and then we should throw away the key. If allowed out these monsters should not be given a new identity and chance to re-build their lives.

Those who sink as low as committing a serious sexual offence against another, particularly a child, should have all their human rights removed.

And in future harsher punishments should be imposed to act as more of a deterrent. Until such a time we will just have to wait and hope.