Exquisite exhibition of pupils’ artwork at The Webber Independent School

Jan Wright zebra art coursework
Jan Wright zebra art coursework

Talented art students will be exhibiting their work in an end of year show on Tuesday, June 17.

The Webber Independent School will be opening the doors of its drama theatre for a viewing of its students’ GCSE and A Level Art work. The school is keen to celebrate the impressive gallery produced by the students, who are aged between 16 and 18 years old.

GCSE students Emily Hack, Rebecca Petzing and Amelia Winterson have dedicated the past two years to determinedly working on their projects.

Following a 10 hour exam on Order and/or Disorder, they are now delighted to have achieved the milestone of completing their qualification.

The A Level students have worked just as hard on their beautiful collections of artwork.

Tesni Williams has created a striking series of paintings of her grandmother in the textured style of Francis Bacon, while Jaihui Liu was inspired by her Chinese heritage when compiling a project entitled ‘Memories and Reflections’. Both students aspire to progress to art college to study graphic design.

Principal Sue Vig said: “The work that has been produced by all our of Art students I am delighted to say decorates our walls on a daily basis – however the end of year show really celebrates what an exceptional talent these young people have.

“They should be very proud of their creations – they are an inspiration to our younger artists in the school and I wish them all the very best in their future creative careers.”

If you would like to view the artwork, contact The Webber Independent School on MK 574740 or visit www.webberindependentschool.com.