Extension of Howe Park School gets under way with special assembly

MPMC Howe Park School
MPMC Howe Park School

A special assembly marked the start of works on an expansion project at Howe Park School, in Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes.

Children from each year group contributed to the event which focused on the importance of building and valuing the school community.

One of the highlights came from the Foundation and nursery children who provided their own take on Bob the Builder.

The building works will allow the school – judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted – to increase the number of pupils from 180 to 270, allowing the first additional intake to start in Reception in September 2014.

Phase one of the project will include a group room, two classrooms and toilets. The new build will have a very low carbon footprint and built of sustainable materials and be complete in May 2014.

A second phase will include a new play area. Pupils, school staff and governors have directly shaped how this will look by working in partnership with the council’s urban design landscape architecture team.

Headteacher, Ros Jacklin, said: “We are all very excited that this work is starting and our pupils have really enjoyed being part of the planning. The additional space will create an excellent learning environment for our pupils from September and way into the future.”

Work will be completed in September 2014.

Pictured with the children is Councillor Andy Dransfield, the Cabinet spokesman on education.