Families face wait as homeless skip the housing queue in Milton Keynes

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140919-152121001

Families in urgent need of a council house could lose out if plans to scrap bed and breakfast for the homeless goes ahead.

Council chiefs are recommending homeless people skip the queue to help save £500,000 from next year’s budget.

This means eager tenants hoping to move into one of the 100 new council homes being built across the city could be bumped down the list.

Former cabinet member for housing, Councillor Edith Bald, said this idea “will create more problems than it will solve” as the council will hold back around 100 houses for the B&B families.

She said: “It is a pity that Labour’s current proposals are more about sweeping the problem under the carpet than getting on with solving the real issue which is to build more homes faster.”

But Labour leader Pete Marland says housing families in B&B for an extended period is “simply not morally acceptable” and accused the previous Tory administration of wasting millions of pounds.

He said: “By using our existing stock in a different way we can help these families into more appropriate housing.

“However the real issue is that we simply don’t have enough council housing. We have continually asked government for powers to enable us to build the many, many more council homes we need.

Cabinet members will discuss plans on January 12.