Families left to fume in smoky ‘hellhole’ flats

Serpentine Court, Bletchley
Serpentine Court, Bletchley

Families are being forced to live in a burnt-out hellhole after an arson attack almost two weeks ago.

A sofa, mattress and rubbish were set alight outside flats in Serpentine Court, Bletchley, leaving residents with a smoke-ridden communal entrance and staircase.

Tracey Atkins says her young grandchildren are “physically scared” to go in and out of the home they share with dad Grant, and mum Zara. She said: “The familes should have been moved out - even temporarily. It’s disgusting how people in MK are expected to live.

“The glass in the blackened windows is all cracked and in danger of falling out.

“How long will it be until someone is seriously hurt?”

The council say although the damage is “unsightly”, there is no need for anyone to move out. This week, cleaners are due to jet wash the brickwork and redecorate inside.

But families say they are fed up of waiting - after being promised countless times that work is due to begin.

Ms Atkins added: “It’s burnt-out, smelly and dirty. and the doors downstairs are melted and unusable.

“My granddaughter Lotti is in the flat covering her mouth and nose, while her brother Bailey says he feels scared.

“I just want my grandchildren to be able to walk out to go to school without getting blackened.”

A council spokesman said: “We immediately brought in extra cleaners and caretakers to deal with the mess as best they could at the time.

“The damage has not made the walkways unusable although we appreciate it has made for an unpleasant environment.”