Family eats only MK-grown food

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Next time you trundle your trolley round the supermarket and throw in foodstuffs on a whim, spare a thought for working mum Roz Chandler.

For remarkable Roz, not content with winning the Local Trading Hero title last year for her home-grown flower business, has set herself a whole new challenge.

For the next month everything she and her family eats will not only be British, but produced within a 30-mile radius of Milton Keynes.

Her Buy MK rule has already taken her on forays to farm shops, flour mills and even wine makers that she never knew exisited.

Roz’s freezer and kitchen shelves at her home near Newport Pagnell are groaning with treasures she has unearthed.

“The average family meal bought from a supermarket has ingredients that have travelled £118,000 miles before they hit our plates. Yet the same items are available on our doorstep,” she said.

“I’ve found a place in North Crawley, G & A Adderson, which sells butter and milk from their own cows. I’ve found a cheese-maker near Olney, jam-makers, bread maker and even brown sauce makers.

“Meat is easy. High Street butchers often sell local-produced stock and, of course, farm shops are an amazing source of local produce. The big bonus is that everything tastes so much better.”

Roz , who even tracked down a flour mill in nearby Bugbrooke, admits she was worried about going a month without her favourite tipple – a glass of wine. But then she discovered Chalfor, a wine produced near Buckingham and pronounced their sparkling rosé just “perfect.”

Roz, who has a hungry husband in the building industry and two teenage daughters, is convinced her Buy MK camapign will not put an extra burden on the family budget.

“The cost is not that different to shopping in a supermarket as I’m saving money by not buying processed foods and unnecessary items.

“But it does cost me more in time. It took me a day to do the weekly shop. Things are available but you have to dig deeper to find them.”

At the end of her experiment Roz plans to write an e-book listing the suppliers so others can sample their wares.

Meanwhile she is still hunting for the food items that have so far eluded her: fresh fish, coffee and salt.

“I may have to go further afield – but give me time!” she said.