Family escape house fire after three arson attacks in 20 minutes

Scene of arson attack in Abbotsfield, Eaglestone
Scene of arson attack in Abbotsfield, Eaglestone

A spree of arson attacks during the early hours of this morning saw a family escape from their home unscathed after neighbours raised the alarm.

As two cars and a lorry went up in flames within 20 minutes of each other, Bucks Fire crews battled the flames in three locations across Eaglestone.

At around 1.50am in Abbotsfield, flames from the car fire spread to a house where a woman and her three children were fast asleep. Their neighbours came to the rescue by banging on the door to wake them up.

Before that a lorry in Monatgu Drive was engulfed in flames at 1.44am. The heat damaged a van nearby.

And later over in Osprey Close at 2.05am, crews from Great Holm put out the car fire.