Family launch '˜doorstep challenge' in Milton Keynes

A mother-of-three has launched the '˜door step' challenge in Milton Keynes to help those alone or vulnerable this Christmas.

Wednesday, 21st December 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:11 pm

Mellissa Merrick, 30, wants to give back to the community after her and her three children were homeless over the festive period last year.

Mellissa was homeless for just over a year after seperating with her ex-partner.

She explains: “I was moved 50 miles way from Milton Keynes, where I was born and bred.

“I used to travel with the kids to try get them to the same nursery but it was so hard.

“I had to use foodbanks and other homeless charities to help with the bare essentials and tried to celebrate Christmas as best as I could.”

After this, Mellissa got a house back in Milton Keynes and now wants to help people who are having a hard time this Christmas.

“The doorstep challenge involves anyone who is vulnerable or worthy.

“I put a hamper of food, toys and clothes together and leave it on the persons door step.

“I want to help families who might be struggling maybe those who have a parent in the armed forces, seriously ill children, the homeless, elderly people who might be alone - anyone who just needs a bit of extra cheer.”

Mellissa is currenly running the doorstep challenge with two friends.

Residents on Facebook nominate people who they believe need extra help and Mellissa delivers gifts to them.