Family left frozen after ‘energy efficient’ engineers leave job half finished

Sandra Lynch, left without a roof for several weeks.
Sandra Lynch, left without a roof for several weeks.

A FAMILY have been made to sleep in freezing cold temperatures after maintenance work on their roof was left half finished.

Sandra Lynch, of Katrine Place in the Lakes Estate, Bletchley, was having her home rejuvenated by Apollo, a part of Keepmoat, as part of an estate-wide scheme to make the homes there more energy efficient.

Workmen put up scaffolding to remove her old roof with a view to installing a new, energy efficient surface, as they had done in the rest of the street.

However, Sandra has been left without a cover on the roof for nearly a month now.

“It is so cold in the house that I had to send my children away because it wasn’t safe for them to be here,” she said.

“It read -2C one night. It’s horrendous here. We’re sleeping in hats, coats, gloves, anything we’ve got to keep us warm.

“I’m spending so much more money on gas and electricity bills too.

“I’ve been over the the site office and they haven’t helped me. They’ve claimed that my house has been signed off, but the scaffolding is still out side and I haven’t got a cover on the roof.”

The Citizen approached Keepmoat regarding the situation, but we have not received any comment to date.