Family of four is forced to share one bunk bed

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A family of four is living in one room and sharing one bunk bed at a homeless hostel – two years after they registered with the council as homeless.

Every night Katie Foster and her partner Jonathan Taylor squeeze into the bunk with Rubie-Mae, aged two, and 16-month-old Alfie.

The children eat off a blanket on the floor, surrounded by their toys and possessions crammed into their room at the Milton Keynes Council-run hostel in Drayton Road, Bletchley.

“We have been here for three months,” said 21-year-old Katie. “Before that we were at Shenley Lodge Travelodge, and before that we were at a Travelodge in Bedford. It’s been a nightmare.”

The young couple, both born in Milton Keynes, became homeless in 2010 when they had to leave their private rented flat because no children were allowed.

They were housed by the council in Ambassador House in Bletchley, where the rent was £900 a month.

Katie, who earns £460 a month as a shop assistant, while Jonathan, 24, looks after the children, successfully challenged the council in court in May when they got into the inevitable rent arrears.

“The judge criticised the council for putting us somewhere unaffordable and told them to find us a house,” she said.

A council spokesman said it sympathised with the couple and was trying “very hard” to find them a home.

He said the council was offering to help with a deposit if they could find a two bedroom private rental, with a landlord willing to take housing benefit tenants, for £625 a month.