Family of nine is baffled by red paint vendetta

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A couple and their seven children are too terrified to sleep at night after two mysterious attacks on their house.

During Monday night gallons of bright red paint was thrown over the pathway and the word ‘scum’ daubed repeatedly over the Heelands property.

Two weeks ago a mystery stranger, possibly the same person, tried to set fire to the five-bedroomed council house as the family slept.

He poured an inflammable substance through the letter box, soaking the hallway.

But luckily he used diesel, which has a much lower flashpoint than petrol, and police believe he was disturbed before he had a chance to light it.

The family only moved into the Arncliffe Drive property from Oldbrook four months ago and say there is no reason for anybody to have a vendetta against them.

“We have no idea who is doing this or why they are doing it. We wonder if someone has a grudge against the previous tenant and doesn’t realise he has moved out,” said the husband, who was too scared to be named.

He and his wife have seven children aged between five and 17.

“We’re all too worried to sleep at night now. We’re dreading another attack.”

The council is now arranging for mobile CCTV units to be installed to catch the culprit red-handed.