Family of ten given dream home in Milton Keynes branded '˜disgusting' by neighbours

Mum-of-eight Jeanne Sube screamed 'leave us alone' at reporters who had gathered outside her home.

She and her husband Arnold now live in a “spacious” detached four-bedroom house in Milton Keynes, after complaining about their previous home in Luton.

Yesterday (Monday) the couple originally from Cameroon, both 33, refused to comment after their latest move sparked outrage.

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Jeanne shouted at reporters “Leave us alone, go away, go away.”

Arnold refused to answer the door and only wandered outside when his wife berated members of the press and manhandled a photographer while her distressed children watched.

The family, who arrived in the UK in 2012, were branded “disgusting” by a neighbouring family who struggle to pay the £1,200 private rent of their four-bed home on the same road.

A mum-of-five, who did not want to be named, said: “If you want my opinion it’s disgusting, just disgusting these rooms in these houses are so spacious, there is more than enough room and they are complaining.

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“Me and my husband both work and we spend most of our income on the rent, we have two special needs boys so it’s difficult but we don’t cheat the system.

“We can’t even get on the housing waiting list. It’s disgusting that they had a house and complained.

“We pay an extortionate council tax because it’s a four bed.”

Jeanne had previously said her husband did not live at the new home but neighbours confirmed they had seen him coming and going.

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One man said: “They haven’t been here long but it seemed to me like both the mum and dad were staying there.”

Luna Ibrahim who lives in a rented home with her teenage daughter on the same road as the Subes said: “I don’t care where they are from, I think the fact they are immigrants is half the reason everybody is keeping up a fuss.

“Everybody should be entitled to have a house with enough rooms for the children if they are above a certain age.

“If it was up to me I would give all the people in Calais a home, they are people at the end of the day.

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“If people are willing to drag their families thousands of miles for a better life there must be a reason for it.”

Luton Borough Council, responsible for homing the family, said: “The council is focused on its statutory duty.

“To protect privacy, it is not in a position to provide updates on individual cases.”