Family pay glowing tribute to murdered Adil

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The family of murdered schoolboy Adil Basharat have paid a glowing tribute to him following the trial to convict those involved.

Sobia Basharat, 19, older sister of Adil, read out the following statement on behalf of the family:

“The past few months have been the hardest few months of my life and the lives of my parents and family and all those people that loved and cared for Adil. It has been the hardest thing in the world coming to terms with the tragic fact that I will never see my brother grow into a man, I will never see him go to university, become the accountant he wanted to, get married, have children of his own and will never see him grow old.

“I think of him every minute of every day and take relief only form the few hours of sleep that I manage to get during which sometimes if I’m lucky I forget what has happened to my family.

“It breaks my heart to think that my brother was so brutally attacked by four men who have carried out a premeditated attack on a 16-year-old outside his school. They had armed themselves with weapons and attacked a defenceless boy. Adil was not in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was at school. He was on a break and was with his friends just outside of his school when he was attacked in broad daylight. He must have been so frightened.

“I always think did Adil know that this was it? Did he know how badly he was injured? Did he know that he wasn’t going to make it?

“Adil’s funeral took place the day we should have celebrated his life, on his 17th birthday. He had so much to live for and loved his life. I remember how we celebrated when Adil got his GCSE results. He was studying for his A Levels and had such plans for his future. His life was so cruelly taken away and it does not matter how much time passes, Adils loss will stay with us forever. We will miss him every minute of every day and will never understand how this happened.

“These men that attacked Adil, they still have their lives. They will live. Their families still can see them and they can still have a future. They will have the opportunity to get married, have their own families and live their lives. For me and my family we have been passed a sentence which is for life – a sentence that we will have to live every day of our lives.“

Naz Fazal, Adil’s uncle thanked officers, he said:“I want to say thank-you to officers involved in the investigation. I’d like to thank every one involved in this police investigation, especially Martin Kinchin, Dave Melling, Steve Williams and Tony Barsby.

“They’ve done a fantastic job which went well beyond our expectations, and obviously we would like to thank them form our hearts for a wonderful and fantastic job.” Concluding the sentencing, Judge Wide praised the officers for their dedication to the case, he said:

“I am conscious of the particular sensitivities involved in this case. In particular the officers involved in this investigation for the speed in which they were able to get full witness statements, following what was a fast changing and confusing environment.

“The officers in this case deserve to be commended for their work in this case.”

Following the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Martin Kinchin, leading the investigation, said: “I am pleased with the sentences given today, they reflect the gravity of the crimes committed by these men.

“Without any regard for the life of a young man, without the accurate facts and over a drugs dispute they brutally attacked him, causing fatal injuries.

“The outcome today will hopefully bring some closure to the family who have been through a horrendous ordeal, from initially hearing the heartbreaking news of the attack, through the arduous trial and finally to the sentencing today.

“The tragic loss of Adil’s life will continue to have an impact on the lives of family and friends who knew him well.

“This was a detailed investigation involving a vast array of officers and specialists, early arrests by officers, use of CCTV evidence and key witness testimony.

“The result is proof to the hard work, courage and commitment of many people.”

Adam Moore, 20 from Cosgrove Milton Keynes was convicted of murder and handed a sentence of life imprisonment. He must serve a minimum of 16 years before he can be eligible for parole.

Freddy Wilson, 20 of Glebe Road, Deanshanger, Jake Batton, 22 of Maltings Row and Daniel Anderson, 20 of Horsefair Green, Stony Stratford were all found guilty of violent disorder and sentenced to three years imprisonment each.

Billy Billingham, 19 of Bradville, Milton Keynes was found not guilty of conspiring to commit GBH.

The incident occurred at approximately 11am on Friday, November 19 last year on a green opposite Kingsbrook College, Stratford Road, Deanshanger.

Adam Moore, Freddy Wilson, Jake Batton, and Daniel Anderson were arrested approximately 1 hour later at Adam Moore’s house in Cosgrove.

Adil died on the morning of Sunday, November 21 at Milton Keynes Hospital as a result of the serious assault he sustained in Stratford Road.

During the course of the investigation approximately 90 police officers and police staff were involved in investigating the case in some capacity, including 12 forensic investigators. A further 14 officers from Thames Valley Police were also involved.

Specialist officers from Leicestershire Police assisted with producing computer imagery showing injuries to Adil.

The inquiry generated over 250 statements, over 450 exhibits and more than 550 other documents.