Family rescued after house blaze

Bucks Fire
Bucks Fire

A family was saved from a house fire in Stony Stratford in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Firefighters from Great Holm and Bletchley were called to the fire in a two-storey terraced house in Clarence Road shortly after 3am.

They rescued a man, a woman and two boys aged two and five from an upstairs bedroom window before all four were treated for the effects of breathing in smoke by paramedics from South Central Ambulance Service, and then taken to Milton Keynes Hospital.

Crew Manager Graham Kemp from Great Holm Fire Station said: “On our way to the incident we were provided with detailed information by our control room confirming that there were four people in the house, telling us exactly where they were and how to reach them once we had got inside the front door.

“The house was full of smoke, so if we had to search for them using thermal imaging cameras, this would have saved precious time.

“When we arrived they were all at the bedroom window at the front of the house, and we were quickly able to get them out after pitching a 10.5-metre ladder from the outside.

“Naturally they were in a distressed state as they were unable to escape because of all the smoke.

“The crews and our control room did an outstanding job.”

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel and a large fan to put out the fire, which started in the kitchen at the rear of the house, and prevent it spreading to adjacent properties. The house was 40 per cent damaged by fire and smoke.

Volunteers from the British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service, whose vehicle is based at Bletchley Fire Station, went to Milton Keynes Hospital to provide assistance to the family.

The house had two smoke alarms in it but neither was working. Firefighters are urging people to carry out weekly checks on their smoke alarms.