Family together again at dying man’s hospital bed

Julian Taylor
Julian Taylor

A dying man has been reunited with his family at his hospital bed – thanks to an appeal in the Citizen.

Julian Taylor, 51, is currently in Milton Keynes Hospital, where he is being treated for cancer.

Last week the Citizen appealed for his next of kin to get in touch – and Mr Taylor has now met again with his two sisters.

Sandy Sampson, who is five years her brother’s senior, said: “A friend got in touch with me last week after the appeal had been put on Facebook.

“I called the hospital and they told me Julian was in. The nurses asked him for 
permission, he said for me to come, and it all followed from there.

“I was so glad to see him.”

She added: “It was very upsetting to see Julian in his hospital bed, he had lost a lot of weight and reminded me of our dad.

“For the first couple of days he was in and out of 
consciousness, but on Saturday he was awake and being his usual cheeky self.”

Although the siblings were raised in Lincolnshire both Mr Taylor and Mrs Sampson moved to Milton Keynes when they grew up, and used to socialise several times a week. But they drited apart 
several years ago, despite having been like “two peas in a pod”.

Mrs Sampson told the Citizen how her brother had also been reunited with their 
sister Linda as well as his nieces and nephews.

She said: “I am five years older than Julian and he is just my little brother – he will always be my little brother.

“He was the only boy in our family, so he could be a little git when we were growing up. If mum and dad went out and something happened, he’d 
always tell them, ‘Sandy did it’.

“We became very close when we grew up though. When I was living in Bletchley he was in Emerson Valley, and we’d go round each other’s houses or go out together.”

She added: “I’d also like to thank Paul Addeson. He is 
Julian’s former brother-in-law and launched the appeal.

“He’s also had several of 
Julian’s friends get in touch, and it’s lovely hearing how well-liked and loved he is.”