Fans guilty of MK stadium firework drama

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Two football supporters who let off a smoking firework during an MK Dons match have pleaded guilty before city magistrates.

Vincent Baines, 35 and 21-year-old Thomas Baines were identified by stadium stewards after the Dons V Halifax game earlier this month.

They have now been banned from attending any football match for the next three years.

The pair, who are both Halifax supporters, admitted possessing a firework or flare at a sporting event.

Vincent Baines was fined £635. Sentencing for Thomas Baines was deferred until a later date.

Thames Valley Police football liaison officer PC James O’Brien said: “There have been four occasions this season where visitors have set off smoke devices inside the stadium and all four offenders have now been convicted and currently banned from attending football matches,

“While this is unfortunate, it shows robust action will be taken by police.

“It is also a credit to MK Dons supporter that they did not follow this trend.”

A spokesman for stadium:mk told the Citizen: “Our stewards acted quickly to work with police to identify the individuals involved, who were immediately removed from the premises and arrested.

He said the stadium was designed to be a “safe and friendly” environment for the family.