Far right rally to be held at secret venue in Milton Keynes

Anne Marie Waters will be speaking in MK from noon. Picture from BBCAnne Marie Waters will be speaking in MK from noon. Picture from BBC
Anne Marie Waters will be speaking in MK from noon. Picture from BBC
Anti-Islamists from the For Britain group are staging a fundraising event with tickets £55 a head at a secret destination in Milton Keynes on Saturday.

But protesters are already plotting to hinder the activists by staging a mass Stand Up to Racism rally on the same day.

They are urging people to join them outside M&S at thecentre:mk at 11am and spread the message that far right groups are not welcome in the city.

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The For Britain website has been advertising the “Milton Keynes fundraiser” and selling tickets through Eventbrite.

Leader Anne Marie Waters will be speaking from noon and afterwards there will be a “delicious buffet”, publicity material states.

However the venue has been kept tightly under wraps, with details promised the day before the event to people who have already bought tickets.

Rival group the Unite Community Milton Keynes has slammed both the secrecy and the racist reputation of For Britain members.

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“Most of the senior people in this party are former BNP, EDL, UKIP members who have very strong racist messages and views,” said spokesman Ricky Oates.

“When we heard that a far right group were hosting a fundraiser in MK, we felt we had to give the local Stand Up To Racism group as much support needed in opposing this.

“For Britain will be hoping to spread their racist views in MK. We need to give a clear message that we stand united against racism here.”

For Britain is a far right political party, founded only last month by former UKIP leadership contender and anti-Islam activist Anne Marie Waters. Already the party has won support from Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League.

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It professes to be a party that stands for “justice, freedom and safety", but its aims allegedly include reducing Muslim immigration to the UK to virtually zero.

In her introductory speech Ms Waters vowed to “fight Islam and the enormous threat it poses.”

For Britain has so far failed to respond to the Citizen’s request for a comment.