Faults found on nearly 50 per cent of taxis checked in MK Council operation

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ALMOST half the taxis and cabs investigated during an operation to clampdown on potentially dangerous vehicles were found to be faulty.

Dozens of vehicles were stopped during the joint operation, which took place on June 8, between police and council enforcement offices.

Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles were checked for safety issues.

Milton Keynes Council and Thames Valley Police carried out the operation throughout the city.

In total 41 vehicles, licensed by either the council or South Northamptonshire District Council, were stopped and examined at the roadside, with 21 of them found to have faults - of varying degrees - that required further attention.

They were sent down to the council’s own workshops on Bleak Hall to be examined further.

Of the vehicles checked, 18 were found to have faults so serious that the driver’s licenses were suspended until they had sorted out the faults.

The police also issued four fixed penalty notices for defective tyres and one prohibition notice for a vehicle that had two defective tyres – again effectively preventing the driver from using it until the problems had been remedied.

In all there was a 44 per cent failure rate for the total number of vehicles stopped.

Karen Ford, head of Milton Keynes Council Regulatory Unit, said: “Milton Keynes Council, working with Thames Valley Police, is committed to protecting the public whilst they are travelling in licensed vehicles.

“We will continue to work together to improve the safety of the vehicles for the protection of the public.”