Faulty vehicles stopped by police during operation

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Roads Policing officers in the Thames Valley carried out checks on heavy goods vehicles travelling through central Milton Keynes yesterday.

Officers were working in conjunction with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and vehicles were being checked for weight and document offences as well as mechanical defects.

A total of 18 vehicles were stopped and the following offences were found:

Four vehicles were found to be between nine to 15 per cent overweight. These offences were dealt with by a fixed penalty notice with fines ranging from £60 to £200. The vehicles were then prohibited from being driven again until the weights had been corrected.

One vehicle was being used without an operator’s licence and the driver had committed three offences in relation to their record keeping charts (tachograph) and was reported which means that they will be summoned to court.

One driver was given a verbal warning for being 3.5 per cent overweight

One vehicle was issued a fixed penalty ticket for not having a tachograph fitted

One vehicle was issued a £60 fine for having a defective tachograph.

One vehicle was prohibited from being driven on the road due to a number of defects relating to its tyres.

PC Rob Lyne, from the Joint Roads Policing Department, said: “The main aim of this operation was to highlight to drivers and vehicle operators that they are not exempt from the law and that the police will prosecute those found committing offences.

“Overweight and poorly maintained vehicles are a major hazard on our roads and we will do all we can to reduce these offences to make our roads a safer place.

“Vehicles that are overweight or that are poorly loaded can have a major impact upon vehicle stopping distances and vehicle handling and can in some cases mean the difference between life and death should the vehicle need to make an emergency stop.

“It is important that drivers and vehicle operators appreciate the need for them to abide by the law and ensure that their vehicles are safe to be on the road.”