Feathered friends fall vicitim to a deadly poison in Milton Keynes

Herring Gull killed by poisoning in Milton Keynes
Herring Gull killed by poisoning in Milton Keynes

Helpless birds found collapsed in the road were poisoned to death after the heat helped to release a potentially fatal substance.

Two herring gulls were killed in three days, and another was fighting for his life after digesting botulism, an organism that lives in the silt at the sides of lakes.

It needs high temperatures to become active, so thanks to the past few week’s hot weather, the food poisoning has reared its ugly head.

Last week, staff at the MK Citizen offices rescued not one, but two birds from Mount Farm in Bletchley and called Margaret Burke from Ark Wildlife Rescue in a bid to save the gulls.

Ms Burke said: “The first gull unfortunately did not respond in time to the medicine, but the second is showing signs of recovery already, which is really good news.

“The risk of further birds being poisoned is diminishing as the temperature drops, but it can and will affect all water birds so if you hear of any swans or geese collapsing please let us know as soon as possible.

“The earlier we can get the medicine started the better.”

The third bird is now recooperating at Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton.

> Contact Ark Wildlife Rescue on 07702 342 415