Feeling ill? It’s time to meet The Treatment

The Ttreatment
The Ttreatment

FROM bedroom wannabes to touring arenas stateside with ‘the hottest band in the world’, writes Sammy Jones.

It’s the stuff that rock n roll dreams are made of, and for The Treatment, that dream is about to become reality.

The Cambridgeshire lads have just scored the opening slot on the gargantuan Kiss and Motley Crue North American tour.

It is without doubt their finest moment so far, but The Treatment have had plenty of reasons to cheer over the past 12 months or so.

The quintet inked a deal with Spinefarm Records and issued their debut album, the taut and terrific This Might Hurt opus.

Then they scored a tour with the father of shock rock, Alice Cooper.

They also played alongside Kyuss Lives!, Motorhead and more recently, with cheeky US spandex loving pretties Steel Panther.

It makes for even more wow-some reading when you learn that these chaps are barely out of their teens.

The Treatment have been assaulting our ears for quite some time now, and we still reckon that an unexpected set caught during a particularly miserable Sonisphere in 2011, was one of the festival highlights.

A lucky few of you might have caught the band live at The Craufurd Arms when they supported Northern arachnids Black Spiders.

If you didn’t, you get another chance to catch them shredding the venue this coming Tuesday evening, when they return to headline the Wolverton haunt.

They play every chord as if their lives depend on it, and forgo silly moppy-hair do’s and stylists to keep it real – The Treatment are a proper rock n roll band in an era of tiresome, bland excess.

A rare, but very welcome breed.

Support at Tuesday’s intimate gig is down to Sons of Icarus, Guildford-based hard rockers with plenty of punch.

At the tail end of 2010 , they took the title at Marshall Amplification’s Ultimate Band Contest, beating the opposition into musical submission.

We know, because GO! was on the judging panel that night.

Since then, the quartet have showed their flair at high profile shows with Vintage Trouble, The Answer and Orange Goblin,...tasty support slots, every one of those.

They have also opened stages at both the Sonisphere and Download Festivals.

It’s one heck of a billing, and yours for a mere fiver if you purchase in advance.

Tuesday’s show is the proper tour warm-up for The Treatment – on Saturday they will join Kiss and the Crue on the opening date of that two month-long American tour, switching Wolverton for Virginia Beach.

Bet that won’t be too much of a wretch...

Arms of Atlas will complete the tasty billing.

Should Tuesday evening’s be this much fun?

Don’t argue, just indulge.

Doors at 7.30pm.