Felix finery

Felix Press 1071
Felix Press 1071

A NEW exhibition is taking up a month long residency at MK G Project Space tomorrow, and next Thursday (Feb 9) if you pop to the gallery itself you will have the chance to hear the curator at musical play.

Lucinda Chua is one third of Felix, and they issued their debut album You Are The One I Pick, back in 2009.

It garnered them fantastic reviews and allowed stage-sharing with artists including Bat For Lashes and Smog’s Bill Callaghan.

But that was then.

Later this spring the trio, completed by guitarist Chris Summerlin, pictured right, with Lucinda, and new drummer Neil Turpin, will release album number two Oh Holy Molar.

The band will tour North America to promote the opus, so this could be one of only a handful of new city shows you’ll be able to indulge in for a while.

Also on the billing at this latest MK G Scratch Night is Emphemetry, aka Richard ‘Biff’ Birkin.

‘Sometimes taking the form of intimate folk songs, ambient soundscapes, instrumentals, piano pieces, audio tinkering or post-rock; the music is more often than not inspired by the miminal, quiet timelessness of a city at night and the reflections or flights of imagination than happens then and there.’

Doors open at 6.45pm and the music will flow from 7.15pm.

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