Female officer quits Thames Valley Police to become stripper and earns more

A female officer has left Thames Valley Police after 12 years on the front line for a better paid job ... as a lap dancer.

Monday, 24th April 2017, 7:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:34 pm

Mum-of-three Hannah Havers, 35, joined the police in 2003 but the long hours and stressful shifts were leaving her exhausted and affecting her marriage.

She found she had little time and energy to spend with husband Michael, also a PC, and her children Christian, 11, Harley, four and Madison, two.

The Thames Valley PC quit her £29,000 a year job and decided to take up lap dancing three nights a week.

Hannah Havers. Photo: SWNS

Hannah now earns more than £4,500 a month before tax - nearly DOUBLING her salary - and described her career change as “the best decision I ever made”.

Thanks to her unconventional career swap she now gets to care for her kids every day, spend time with her hubby and they can save money for the first time in years.

She said her stint dealing with criminals mean she’s never scared to put punters in their place, and said she can “talk the birds out the trees”.

Hannah said: “It was an instant improvement in my life.

Hannah Havers. Photo: SWNS

“I really enjoy it. I’ve got lots of regular clients and I’m totally open about my former career.

“I’m making more in two weeks than I would in a whole month at the police.

“I work two or three nights a week and it totally fits around my family unit.

“I’m a primary carer for the kids and I’m here for them every day.

“I get days off with my husband too. Every Friday we get a day together because he is off and the kids are in nursery.

“Before we just never all got to see each other. We were coming home from work totally shattered.

“The police is a very stressful job and it was really damaging our marriage.

“It was impossible. We never saw each other and we were both coming home so stressed.

“Going back to lap dancing is the best decision I could have made. I wish I had done it ten years ago.

“It’s the best improvement I could have made to our lives.”

Hannah was a professional tennis player - ranked 32 in the UK - in her late teens, but opted for a change of jobs when she couldn’t move higher.

She tried lap dancing for around a year when she was aged 19, but decided she needed a “proper career” and joined the police aged 23, in 2003.

She loved her job for many years, but after getting married and having two more children, her feelings changed.

“It was really good fun and I got a lot from the job,” she said.

“But more than 12 years down the line, with three kids and my husband also in the police, we eventually decided we needed a change.

“We wanted more family time. We felt like single parents most the time, and we were living to work, not working to live. We didn’t have a good quality of life.

“I just started to hate the job. I couldn’t wait to get home. It wasn’t me anymore.

“I just didn’t feel it was right for me to be going out to see a victim of an assault and not want to be there.

“I thought ‘I’ve had enough of this’ and we made a decision together.”

Hannah left the police, where she worked in a variety of areas, in May last year and after some glamour photography work, she decided to go back to lap dancing in November.

She works two or three nights a week at Honey Pot in Maidenhead - a club she worked at aged 19 - starting at 5pm and finishing around 2am.

She does nude private dances, earning as much as £40 for a four minute stint.

Self-employed Hannah pays a ‘dance fee’ of between £40 and £100 a night, and keeps all private dance payments after that.

The mum-of-three admits it’s a “long night in high heels” but insists going back to lap dancing was the “best decision I could have made”.

“Now I’ve got lots of time and just room in my life to enjoy my family,” she said.

“I get time with my baby and I can be there for my children.

“I can see my mum and I can spent time with my eldest who I have with my ex.

“It’s almost like I’m a housewife and a full-time mum, but I work a few nights a week too.

“I do enjoy my work too. I’ve always been a people person. I love having conversations with people in the club and having a laugh.

She said she doesn’t get shy doing nude dances because she “doesn’t have anything different from anyone else”.

“I’m very honest and I do tell people what I used to do for a living, and that I’ve got three children and a husband at home,” she said.

“It’s often not what they expect to hear.

“But I’m just a normal person - a normal mum.

“My job in the police means that perhaps I am more assertive and I do put my foot down, and it has left me with good communications skills that I use in this job. I always could talk the birds out of the trees and that’s useful.

“I’ve always been a physical person. I didn’t shy away from chasing down a criminal in the police.

“I try to put that into my dancing too. There are only so many movements you can do and sometimes in my head I think ‘oh I’ll see if I can get 20 squats into this dance’.”

The dancer said ironically she felt a lot safer at work now than she did before and added: “In the police force I was assaulted more times than I care to mention.

“I was spat at, punched in the face, and assaulted by drunk people all the time.

“I was called out to all sort of incidents. I was never very good at copy with dead people - I just never got used to it.

She said she thinks she has “around two years” left of her dancing career and hopes to open a club with her husband in the future.

Her husband said: “Since Hannah has left the force, we get loads of time together and with the family which is a massive bonus.

“I think it has helped our relationship massively because of the less time Hannah is at work.

“I am fully supportive of what my wife does for a living, she isn’t doing anything wrong or that she shouldn’t be doing. If anything this move has improved our lives.”