‘Feral’ children as young as 11 plague Milton Keynes traders

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Children as young as eleven as making traders’ lives a misery by shouting abuse all day and even running across their shop ROOFS.

The youngsters have spent the summer hanging out at Westcroft centre and behaving atrociously.

This week eight of them, believed to be aged between 11 and 14, have been issued with anti social behaviour control contracts by police.

One trader said: “They are truly awful children. They’re almost feral. They shout insults at us and they’re really quite intimidating.

“They climb up onto the shop roofs and run along - it’s scary to watch.”

The last straw came last week when two young teenagers, believed to be no more than 16, barged into the optician’s shop with baseball bats and confronted the owner.

It is believed the incident was racially motivated, said Tory ward councillor Edith Bald, who has been holding meetings with the centre owners , traders and police.

She said: ““I want the police to take more action and would like to see parents and schools more involved in addressing bad behaviour. CCTV exists in several business units; it is a matter of collecting the evidence from this CCTV and taking action to stop this unacceptable behaviour. I have asked the owners of the centrte to provide more cameras.”