Festival brings nations closer as languages take the spotlight

Milton Keynes Festival of Languages parade
Milton Keynes Festival of Languages parade

A colourful festival held in the city has put the spotlight on languages spoken across the globe.

Acornfields Community Interactions invited people of all ages to celebrate at the Festival of Languages held on Saturday, October 10 at the Christ the Cornerstone Church in the city.

Milton Keynes Festival of Languages Chinese Fan Dance

Milton Keynes Festival of Languages Chinese Fan Dance

Chinwe Osaghae, programme director and festival organiser, said: “The annual Festival of Languages was a celebration of the breadth of languages spoken in our world and the benefits and enrichment they brings to our lives both socially and economically

“This year was also celebrating the special occasion of the Rugby World Cup coming to Milton Keynes this autumn and incorporated the languages spoken in the RWC participating nations.”

The annual event featured a parade of nations with residents having opportunities to represent different languages spoken across the world and a language café supported by the Open University and Community Learning MK.

There were local native language speakers and interactive, fun workshops that inspired festival visitors to embrace new languages and the new opportunities they offer.

The festival was free to attend and there were various stalls, blind food tasting, languages quiz and a rugby demo.

Visitors were invited to dress up to represent a nation of their choice.

Chinwe added: “We also encouraged participants to learn a greeting or welcoming words in the language of the nation they were representing.”

The festival also highlighted other benefits of language learning, such as creating a wider social circle, reducing social isolation, building bridges to other cultures and countries.

You can contact Acornfields Community Interactions on 07448 798798.