Fire services speak about body found at house fire


Fire chiefs have spoken about the body found in a home where they put out a house fire on Saturday morning.

Group commander Steve Wells commented, following the incident at a farm house in School Lane, Loughton, Milton Keynes.

The victim has been named as 65-year-old Kate Morgan, and is believed to have lived in the property in 1967.

Mr Wells said: “Based upon information firefighters were quickly able to establish on arrival, the incident commander made the incident ‘persons reported’ at 7.48am as it was believed the female occupant was still inside the property.

“Six firefighters wearing breathing apparatus sets and aided by positive pressure ventilation fans were immediately committed into the property, in order to conduct an internal search, as well as suppress and extinguish the developing fire.

“It was while crews were performing these tasks that the body of a female adult was located within the ground floor area of the property.

“At 10.06am, it was considered from an operational perspective that the fire was satisfactorily under control. However, fire investigation officers remained at the scene this afternoon to determine the most probable cause of the fire as part of a joint investigation with colleagues from Thames Valley Police.

“As you would appreciate, there is a sense of shock amongst neighbouring residents. Crews have been offering safety messages and advice where considered appropriate.”