Fire stats reveal shocking truth

Flood evacuation practice at Stoke Goldington'''Wk 10 MPMC
Flood evacuation practice at Stoke Goldington'''Wk 10 MPMC

Over a third of fires across the county, involving faulty or misused electrics, have happened in Milton Keynes.

Accidents Faulty or misused electrical equipment has caused more than 200 fires in homes in Buckinghamshire.

When broken down 78 fires took place in Milton Keynes with the remaining 125 taking place in areas around the rest of the county in just the first eight months of this year.

This has led to 23 people being injured or needing precautionary check-ups with 12 in Milton Keynes and 11 across Buckinghamshire.

Now Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service and the Electrical Safety Council are campaigning again to urge householders to take care with electricity and electrical items.

There are a number of reasons for electrical fires with poorly-maintained wiring, and equipment such as hair straighteners accidentally left on among the numerous and often unnoticed fire hazards in the typical house.

In addition, many sockets could soon start to become overloaded with space heaters and electric blankets.

Chris Bailey, head of Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s community safety team, said: “We are asking people to check that the electrical equipment they use every day is in good shape and is operated properly.

“Fires in the home can be devastating, but many could have been prevented if people had simply unplugged a piece of equipment after using it or not tried to run too many items off an adapter.”

They have offered people various pieces of advice to make their houses safer including not overloading plugs or leaving appliances on when people leave the house.

Free home safety checks, with free smoke alarms fitted where needed are avilable by calling 01296 744477 or emailing