Firefighters offer warning over rubbish

Bucks Fire
Bucks Fire

FIREFIGHTERS are warning people to think carefully about where they leave their rubbish after three incidents in Heelands last night (Tuesday).

A crew from Great Holm Fire Station attended all three incidents between 3.45am and 4.20am, which saw refuse and recycling sacks set alight. Two were in Arncliffe Drive and one in Ramsgill Court.

Firefighter Jim Hutchison from Great Holm Fire Station warned that the rubbish fires could have caused much more damage.

He said: “The bags had been placed near cars and, in one case, a trailer tent. Although we managed to stop the fires spreading to the vehicles, they could have caused significant damage.

“We are encouraging people not to put their refuse and recycling bags out too early, and to put them somewhere safe so that in the event of someone setting fire to them, the fire cannot spread to cars, buildings or other property.”

Karen Lock, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Arson Intelligence Officer, said: “Deliberate fires can cost lives and cause serious damage to property. The consequences can be devastating.”

You can help deprive arsonists of a ready supply of fuel by following a simple routine with your weekly refuse sack or bin, and by disposing of bulky items responsibly.