Firefighters to get new equipment

Bucks Fire
Bucks Fire

FIRE chiefs have invested more than £300,000 to improve the safety of its firefighters and members of the public.

Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority has approved the purchase of a number of items of replacement operational equipment, including ladders, portable pumps and road traffic collision, working-at-heights and water rescue kit, as part of a £363,000 package of capital expenditure.

Chairman Councillor David Rowlands said: “This represents continued investment in the safety of the public and our staff and is needed to maintain the high levels of performance delivered by Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service.

“While we know that we must continue to control expenditure, we also recognise that spending money in areas which directly contribute to safety is vital and must continue.”

The authority’s lead member for finance, Vice-Chairman Councillor Andy Dransfield, said: “Members have challenged the senior officers of the service on these expenditure proposals and we are assured that these purchases are necessary and will make a contribution to firefighter and public safety.

“In these hard times, it is incumbent upon all of us to maximise value for taxpayers’ money. This service is one of the lowest cost per household in England and yet provides a very high standard of protective services.”

Chief Fire Officer Mark Jones said: “This investment by the authority will assist the brigade in remaining at the forefront in protecting those who live, work and travel in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

“It also enables our crews to work with the latest and best equipment which contribute both to their success in rescuing those in distress and staying safe while doing so.”