First aid pays off for coach Kimberley

Kimberley Stubbs
Kimberley Stubbs

St John Ambulance is urging people in Milton Keynes to get first aid training to avert potential disaster.

Research conducted by the organisation revealed that the number of people who die each year in situations where first aid might have saved them is the same as the number who die from cancer.

Milton Keynes student Kimberley Stubbs coaches part time at her trampoline club.

Her first aid skills, learnt as a Sea Cadet, proved vital when one of her trampoline students broke her arm so badly that a bone pierced an artery and she could have bled to death.

She said: “It was a bad fall and the blood was spurting out of her arm like a fountain. Although it was a scary sight, my first thought was to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding as I knew she could bleed out very quickly and luckily this did the trick.”

St John Ambulance launched their campaign on Monday. A 60-second film online shows how easy it basic first aid can be. Visit