First city council homes for 15 years to be built

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New bungalows, to be built in the city, will become the first new council properties in Milton Keynes for 15 years.

Orbit Housing Group has chosen Lovell, a housebuilding specialist, to build the 12 wheelchair-standard bungalows in Briar Hill in Stacey Bushes.

When they have been built the one and two bedroom bungalows will be owned and managed by Milton Keynes Council.

Currently the council has identified around 100 households in the city that are in need of wheelchair-standard housing and this will go a small way to fulfilling that need.

Orbit carried out extensive community consultation after getting the necessary, detailed planning consent. Building is due to start soon.

David Gough, regional director of Lovell, said: “Our partnership with Orbit has been characterised by efficient and high quality work for some time and we’re very pleased to be working with them on this important project that addresses a real need in Milton Keynes.

“We look forward to seeing residents move into their new homes by the end of next summer.”