First ever heart device patient looking forward to time with his kids

Tim Percival with cardiology consultant Raj Khiani and cardiology nurse manager Susan Montgomerie
Tim Percival with cardiology consultant Raj Khiani and cardiology nurse manager Susan Montgomerie
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THE first ever patient to have an advanced heart device fitted at Milton Keynes Hospital is feeling “on top of the world.”

Tim Percival, 74, was suffering from heart failure when he was chosen to receive a bi-ventricular defibrillator.

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In the past, patients have needed to travel to Oxford for this surgery.

Mr Percival, who had his surgery last Monday (January 7), said: “I couldn’t walk from the wheelchair to the bed. I’d be gasping for air. I couldn’t lay down and had to sit in a chair to sleep.

“It was touch and go. At one point I’d been given a five to 20 per cent chance to live.

“I feel good now – in fact I feel on top of the world at the moment. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

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Milton Keynes Hospital decided to start the procedures almost a year ago, and since then staff have been learning to use the new equipment and training for the change.

The device was installed by cardiology consultant, Raj Khiani, who has previously fitted them for Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.

With the service now up-and-running, the hospital expects to be giving 60 patients bi-ventricular defibrillators each year.

Dr Khiani said: “These devices can prolong life, and also improve quality of life. We are really pleased that we’ll now be able to help patients locally.

“It has been a real step up in the skills of our nursing staff – they’ve had more advanced training, a stronger skill mix and more experience. The team did exceptionally well.

“It’s good for patients, it’s good for the team and its good for the hospital.”

Mr Percival was full of praise for Dr Khiani – who he called “the king pin” – and the “fantastic” staff.

He said: “They deserve a medal for all they do. I can’t press home enough how fantastic they’ve been. This is the best hospital I’ve been to.

“There were so many people, but they never got in each others way. It was so well organised. They all know what they are doing and they work so hard here.

“I wasn’t worried about being the first – they’d taken me through what was going to happen at least three times. They were very thorough.

“It’s been fantastic. It’s been a bit like being on holiday. Even the food is pukka. Not once have I had anything to complain about. Absolutely amazing.”

He is now looking forward to getting stronger over the coming months.

“I’ve not been able to play with the kids for the last two years – I’ve a three and a two-year-old. I’m hoping to be able to do that. Family comes first.”