First step to improving city garages

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Following requests from a group of residents in Essex Close. Cllr Mick Legg pushed for garages across the area to be painted.

He is pleased that a painting programme has commenced and made a difference, however he wants to see further action taken. He believes three things need to happen:

1.Lighting needs to be improved in some garage areas.

2.Derelict garage sites should be used to build bungalows for older and disabled people.

3.The price of renting garages should be reduced to increase demand.

Councillor Legg said “Painting the garages is long overdue but a good first step. However more needs to be done; the price of renting a garage is too high. That is why large numbers are empty. The lighting in some sites must be addressed and where sites are derelict they should be used to build new council bungalows.”

There are several dozen empty garage sites and other sites across West Bletchley that could, following resident consultation, be built upon.

Councillor Nigel Long added, “I know of large sites that were previously storage sites, plant growing areas or demolished garages and in one case the site of a community building demolished 30 years ago. The council has been looking at the sites, but we need action now. I am a strong supporter of bungalows. I opened the last new built bungalows in 1992 on an old garages site.”

Mick Legg concluded, “I believe that West Bletchley has lost out for too long. We desperately need the garages sorting out; we also need new bungalows on appropriate sites. I will keep pushing for joined up thinking and action by Milton Keynes Council.”