Fishermead going in the right direction

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COMMUNITY leaders have joined forces to change the perception of Fishermead estate.

John Goss, chairman of Campbell Parish Council, said: “We’ve always respected the diverse mix in Fishermead and we want to carry on the really good partnership work we have already done.

“There is a real sense of community in the area and we have been working in schools and with adults and feel it is now really starting to take effect

“We are very much aware of the spotlight that was shone on us thanks to two major incidents but we are looking to the future now.”

Terry Baines, chairman of the Fishermead Residents’ Association, said: “A lot of the bad press on the estate is unfounded. I am proud of this estate we just need more community cohesion and support.“We have had some fantastic engagement with a number of people in and around the community and I have noticed a hell of a lot of change.

“We haven’t fully cracked it, but we have started a Youth Forum to get some feedback from young people to find out what they want.”

Councillor Paul Williams, who represents the Campbell Park Ward, said: “Fishermead is going in the right direction. They have had a tragic event there but now after the trial people can begin to move forward. There are some positive things happening in the area and I am really encouraged about it. It is now important that young people have things to do in the area and I know local groups are making that happen.”