Fishermead play park to transfer to parish from Milton Keynes Council for £1

Ownership of a popular 1.5 acre play area and open space in Fishermead is being taken over by Campbell Park Parish Council for the bargain sum of £1.

The parish council is looking at improving leisure and community activities in Woughton and Fishermead, according to a report from Milton Keynes Council’s community solutions manager, Neil Hanley.

Play park site

Play park site

Campbell Park Parish Council told MK Council that it believes that the opportunity for it to acquire Kernow Crescent Play Area, off Fishermead Boulevard, provides the “perfect solution for both parties, with our ultimate aim to improve the current condition of the play area and increase its offer for all ages.”

They added: “This play area is in a prime position in the middle of Fishermead and is very popular. We are keen to ensure that it continues to fulfil the needs of local people, is safe and encourages play on an ongoing basis.”

The council has a borough-wide policy of transferring community assets as long as organisations are local and democratically controlled, and have plans for community use of those play areas and open spaces.

Milton Keynes Council anticipates making a one-off saving of £5,600 from the £1 transfer of the asset, which has an open market value of “less than £2 million”, according to the council’s report.

Councillor Moriah Priestley, MK Council’s Cabinet member for economic growth and community partnerships, approved the fast tracking of the transfer of ownership using delegated powers at a meeting on Tuesday (Feb 12).

Campbell Park Parish Council (CPPC) will be responsible for the maintenance of the play area and any associated landscaping requirements following the freehold transfer. CPPC intends to make improvements to the Kernow Crescent – Pirate Park to “enhance the play offer and to address the garden area which has become overgrown and unattractive.”