Fishermead Residents’ Association looking to clean up estate

The bouncy Stonehenge in Fishermead
The bouncy Stonehenge in Fishermead

A CITY group is working hard to repair the reputation of its community.

Terry Baines, chairman of the Fishermead Residents’ Association, has been working with his group, neighbourhood wardens and local authorities, to bring back a bit of harmony on the estate.

Terry Baines, chairman of the residents association of Fishermead

Terry Baines, chairman of the residents association of Fishermead

A number of incidents, including a double, gun-related murder, a flat fire that killed two people and various anti-social issues have seen Fishermead receive negative publicity – a lot of which is undeserved according to Terry.

“A lot of the bad press on the estate is unfounded,” he said.

“I moved here at the start of the year and I feel safer here than I did in Warrington. I think it’s a small minority ruining it for the rest.

“I am proud of this estate we just need more community cohesion and support.”

Over the last 10 months, Terry has set up the association and through that he and the 164 members have tried to address what they feel are the areas biggest problems, including anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.

Events such as the visit of a bouncy Stonehenge to the estate as part of the Milton Keynes IF Featival have also helped boost community spirit.

Terry said: “We have had some fantastic engagement with a number of people in and around the community and I have noticed a hell of a lot of change.

“There is not as much fly-tipping, and we are working hard on educating people in HIMOs on their waste. In general we have noticed a decrease in anti-social behaviour.

“We haven’t fully cracked it, but we have started a Youth Forum to get some feedback from young people to find out what they want and the things they like and dislike.”