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A woman is preparing to have her hair cut for a children’s wig charity donation.

Naomi Malone, of Middleton, will donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust after having it cut off on Saturday – and is looking to raise more money for the charity.

She said: “I am having my hair cut as since I had a baby, I don’t have the time to maintain my hair. I looked into donating my hair and realised I could donate it to a cause and help someone less fortunate.

“There are charities that turn hair into wigs, but the one I’ve chosen donates the wigs for free. If patients know they can get them for free then it’s easier for them and its also more beneficial.”

As the big day approaches, Naomi admitted she was excited but nervous at the prospect but hoped it would inspire other people.

She said: “As it gets closer my stomach twists a little bit and it’s a little nervous to think about. But hair can grow back. It’ll be interesting to see what it’s like when the hair is removed. It’s very exciting but also slightly nerve racking.

“Although I don’t have enough money to help financially, it’s still good to have something that can help the cause and knowing that I can help in this way.”

The Little Princess Trust provides free wigs to children that have lost their hair to cancer treatments.

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