‘Fit in Five’ revealed following research in Milton Keynes

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The Gym Milton Keynes has announced its ‘Fit in Five’ – the five workouts identified as the most effective exercises.

The workout makes essential reading for thousands of new gym members in Milton Keynes looking for guidance on the best way to get in shape.

Fitness expert and double Olympian Allyn Condon from The Gym Group has devised an easy to follow ‘Fit in Five’ guide, explaining why these exercises deliver results.

As those who made a New Year fitness pledge reach the end of their first month and are in need of a reboot of their gym workout, fitness experts say the most effective workouts are squats, deadlifts, lunges, press-ups and a chest press.

In addition the most effective pieces of cardiovascular equipment to deliver the best results were the rowing machine, treadmill, cross trainer, stepper and the bike.

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