Five grand bonus for Hula

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ANIMAL shelter HULA Animal Rescue has received a £5,000 grant from the 2011 Pedigree Adoption Drive – a charitable initiative which aims to raise awareness of the UK’s ever-increasing issue of dog abandonment.

HULA has been responsible for rescuing 31,000 loveable companions since its opening in 1972 but the rescue centre faces increased pressures, with the number of stray and abandoned dogs in the UK reaching their highest in over a decade*.

The Pedigree Adoption Drive works in association with the Petplan Charitable Trust and seeks to raise funds to help find stray and abandoned dogs new and loving homes.

This year’s campaign has raised over £160,000 to help rescue centres just like Hula continue the invaluable work they do with abandoned dogs. All of the funds raised have been distributed through a grant system which will benefit shelters belonging to the Association of Dog and Cat Homes.

Katie Wragg, Marketing Manager for The Pedigree Adoption Drive said: “In the last four years we’ve raised over £1million for rescue centres supporting the country’s abandoned dogs and despite the tough economic climate, the amazing public reaction has enabled us to really make a difference to the lives of abandoned dogs across the UK and help give them a bright future.”