Five taxi drivers with criminal convictions are still working in Milton Keynes


Five taxi drivers with declared convictions still remain on the city’s roads.

An investigation by Milton Keynes Council found seven people were a “cause for concern” - and since two have had their licences revoked.

One had already surrendered his plates voluntarily and after three interviews another driver has also handed back his plates. They will both will no longer be allowed to drive taxis in Milton Keynes.

There are still three drivers still to be interviewed, which the council say will be carried out as soon as possible.

It is not yet known if the driver convicted of sexual offences has had his licence removed or not.

Peter Marland, Leader of the Council, said: “We will be interviewing the remaining three drivers as a matter of urgency.

“Any findings will be passed on to the newly constituted licensing sub-committee.

“We will of course keep people updated as our investigation continues.”

The council have also announced it will be forming a new licensing sub-committee, with a “much stricter remit” than previously, which will take into account any findings arising from these interviews.

This could result in one or more of the five remaining drivers having their licenses suspended or ultimately revoked, but this will be up to the new panel of councillors - with support from officers - to decide.