Flummoxed Festival is family friendly in Milton Keynes

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If you’re flummoxed about where to go to find a family-friendly festival, then Milton Keynes could provide the solution.

The Flummoxed Festival is described as a “small but perfectly formed” event set in Bletchley countryside.

There will be live music, children’s workshops, arts, crafts, face-painting and even yoga. Organisers promise impromptu sing-songs round the communal fire, as well as family games of rounders.

“Flummoxed has a unique community charm,” said spokesman Anthony Ponsford.

This year’s festival, to be held in July, will be raising funds for Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to environmental education and the care of sick, mistreated and abandoned wildlife.

Flummoxed festival starts on July 7 and continues until July 9. Tickets are available at www.flummoxedfestival.com.